My Most Controversial Cartoon Ever (So Far)

Nine years ago today (holy shit) The State News published the following cartoon:


I drew this piece at the height of the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, which had by that time had expanded its scope to include abuse of prisoners at Bagram Air Force Base and Guantanamo Bay, as well as a constellation of sinister “black sites” scattered around the globe. The nation was still partly in the orgiastic throes of war fever back then, and needless to say the cartoon caused a bit of a stir. This included the picketing of the paper’s offices by Young Republicans demanding my head on a plate.

I’m happy to say that my neck remained attached to my shoulders. However, I’m very much less happy about the more than 2000 additional photos of prisoner abuse — said to be “even more disturbing than the infamous prison photos from Abu Ghraib” — that the Obama administration has refused to release, citing (what else?) national security concerns.

The ACLU has been trying to secure disclosure of these photos since the very beginning of the scandal in 2004, and thankfully a federal judge last month ordered the Justice Department to provide its rationale for withholding each and every photo. I eagerly await December 12, when the least transparent administration in history must make its declaration.

Assuming the declaration will even be made public, that is.

There Goes the Neighborhood

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Yes, Iran is the one threatening us.

The “Legal” System

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As part of the ongoing Predator drone program, President Obama has given himself the authority to order assassinations of suspected terrorists, including American citizens, without charges and without evidence. As it stands, the President his right to declare anyone in the world a “terrorist” and order their murder by remote-controlled killbots without the interference of pesky “judges” and “lawyers.” The administration refuses to even disclose its legal rationale for doing this, citing (what else?) “national security.”

The heinous National Defense Authorization Act extends “the battlefield” in the War on Eurasia Terror to American shores and grants the President the authority to detain any American indefinitely without due process, which is bad enough. This program, combined with the recent FAA bill allowing drones to fly in American airspace should send shivers down anyone’s spine.