New In the Store: Oligarchy Tee

I’ve just added a new tee design to the store, based on this cartoon from 2011.


This design is available on all white apparel, from as low as $19.75 on a Value Tee.

From the Files: I Got Mine

From the Files is a series presenting choice selections from my extensive and highly disorganized physical archives here at Home Base. Here you’ll find lost cartoons, unfinished art, and forgotten doodles. Enjoy.

This piece, drawn at the height of Occupy in late 2011, is a representation of the ravenous greed of the Ownership Class. Since this week’s entry contains foul language in big bold letters, I will put it under the fold:

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The weather’s getting warmer, and like the gentle dandelion the #Occupy movement is back on the sidewalks. Also like the dandelion, the rich pay people to remove them from their property by spraying them with chemicals.

Land of the Free*

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Nothing says “freedom of expression” and “freedom of assembly” like being confronted with an army of stormtroopers when you try to exercise those rights. SY-RI-A! Er, U-S-A! U-S-A!


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Did you know that the board game Monopoly was created as a way to teach children about the evils of capitalism? It’s true— the original version was called “The Landlord’s Game,” and the “GO” space was labelled, “Labor Upon Mother Earth Produces Wages.”

So that must be why it’s only fun to play Monopoly if you’re the banker or get lucky and land on all the good properties early…


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As heartening as it is to finally get an answer to the perennial question, “where is the outrage?” I have a hard time seeing how the Occupy movement will be effective considering how tight the elite’s death-grip is on every single lever of power. We’ll see where this goes…