The “Legal” System

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As part of the ongoing Predator drone program, President Obama has given himself the authority to order assassinations of suspected terrorists, including American citizens, without charges and without evidence. As it stands, the President his right to declare anyone in the world a “terrorist” and order their murder by remote-controlled killbots without the interference of pesky “judges” and “lawyers.” The administration refuses to even disclose its legal rationale for doing this, citing (what else?) “national security.”

The heinous National Defense Authorization Act extends “the battlefield” in the War on Eurasia Terror to American shores and grants the President the authority to detain any American indefinitely without due process, which is bad enough. This program, combined with the recent FAA bill allowing drones to fly in American airspace should send shivers down anyone’s spine.

Make No Mistake

Cross-posted at The Clarion Call.

It strikes me (no pun intended) as a little hypocritical for us to criticize other countries for conducting extrajudicial assassinations, when we, with our fleet of flying killbots, are the world’s biggest offenders.