Oilman’s Best Friend

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Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett will soon sign a so-called “compromise” bill on Marcellus Shale drilling. While on the surface the bill seems to impose much-needed regulation and taxes on gas drillers in the state, the it imposes the lowest fines and the weakest environmental regulations in the nation, while giving drillers special status and stripping local communities of control.

7 Billion

Cross-posted at The Clarion Call.

The world’s population is now estimated to be over 7 billion. That’s a lot of mouths to feed, and going forward we’ll have less and less fuel to do it. Scary times.


Cross-posted at The Clarion Call.

Watching this country’s panicked scramble for every last drop of fossil fuel over the past decade or so has been depressing, to say the least. Instead of spending our time and money developing alternatives and trying to prepare our society for the inevitable crunch, we hawk destructive quick fixes like tar sands and shale gas.

It’s like watching a junkie trying to find the last good vein between his toes before giving up and shooting up into his penis.