Dirty Little Secret

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Doughy blowhard Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League, is up in arms about the provision of President Obama’s health care bill that would require birth control to be covered by comprehensive health care plans. In typical hyperbolic style, Donohue says that the government is “[lining] up against the Roman Catholic Church.”

Considering that 98% of American Catholics use birth control, who exactly are loudmouths like Donohue speaking for, other than the collection of ancient virgins that make up the Catholic Church’s leadership? Another question— why do the only people upset about this seem to be old men?

Cartoonist speaks out on “anti-Catholic” depiction

This article was originally published in The Clarion Call.

As a political cartoonist, there’s nothing I like to see more than my work stoke controversy and initiate debate. Indeed, this is the primary reason for the existence of political cartoons. On April 1, Holy Thursday, I drew a cartoon about the Catholic church that did exactly that.

When faced with the reality of predator priests in their midst [church officials] have responded by doing everything in their power to minimize damage to the church, even if that means protecting rapists and silencing the victims of their abuse.
Some called it bigoted. Others said it was offensive to run a cartoon criticizing the church during Holy Week. It even prompted a letter from Clarion University President Joseph P. Grunenwald to each member of The Call’s editorial board and its faculty adviser questioning the decision to publish the cartoon.

While the cartoon may have been offensive to some, any implication that The Call wasn’t well within its rights under the First Amendment to publish it is ludicrous. It’s much more offensive that the officials of a major world religion are protecting child rapists while cowing their victims into silence with threats of hellfire than a political cartoon ever could be. Continue reading →


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In reference to the hubbub caused by an earlier cartoon, which included a scolding letter from the president of the University.

Suffer the Little Children

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This one touched a nerve.


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