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New Look, Same Great Taste

I’ve just tweaked the design of this blog a little bit. Primarily by making a snazzy new header and eliminating the floating elements that have been causing problems on mobile/tablet browsers. Watch for that sidebar on the right-hand side to grow in the future, too.


2007 Cartoons Posted to Archive

I’ve finished uploading all my cartoons from 2007, which more or less completes my archives all the way back to 2002! You can view the entire archive here.

I will be posting new cartoons every Monday from now on, so stay tuned!


OmniCo Strips Posted to Archive

Ten summers ago, I drew a little comic alongside Sidwood called OmniCo. It was a workplace strip set in the near future, where countless mergers and acquisitions have led to every industry on earth being dominated by a single conglomerate:

The label on the bourbon in this strip is one of my all-time favorite details I’ve ever added to a cartoon.

Check them all out in the archive.


Spring ’07 State News cartoons being posted to archive

I have finally begun to upload my 2007 State News cartoons to the archive. I had lost the original files but luckily I had boxes full of physical copies on hand, which is why the cartoons from that era in the archives are going to look like this:

You can watch the 2007 archives grow over the next few days if you’d like. Many, many, many more to come!