Cartoon Archive

Editorial Cartoons

Cartoons offering commentary on the issues of the day, with an archive going all the way back to 2002. My political cartoons have appeared in the pages of The State News, Michigan State University’s daily student newspaper, and The Clarion Call, Clarion University’s student weekly.

Tiny Elephant


My occasional series, featuring a strange and ever-growing cast of characters. Ranges from Far Side-style single panels to elaborate experimental comics. Note: for humor cartoons made before the launch of this feature, check out the Humor Cartoons section.

Sidwood (The State News)

My collegiate comic strip, featuring the increasingly unlikely adventures of a couple of MSU undergrads. Originally published from 2005-2006 in the pages of The State News, Michigan State University’s student daily. (Completed.)

Sidwood (The Original Series)

The first iteration of my comic strip, following the exploits of Sidwood, Jen, Berke, and Rash. These cartoons were drawn by teenage me and published on Keenspace (now called Comic Genesis) from 2002-2003. (Completed.)


My second Keenspace comic strip from 2002, a workplace strip set in the near future where countless mergers and acquisitions have led to every industry on earth being dominated by a single firm. (Completed.)