About Mike

I wish I could do this at will.

I wish I could do this at will.

Note: Mike doesn’t like to talk about himself in the third person, but he feels as if that’s the convention for this kind of page, so here goes:

Mike was born in Detroit in the latter years of the second Reagan administration, in the days when the premise of RoboCop didn’t seem farfetched. He soon moved away, although being a toddler at the time his involvement in the decision was minimal at best. Mike spent an idyllic childhood in Indianapolis, in what was basically a 90s version of The Sandlot — replace P.F. Flyers with L.A. Lights and Babe Ruth with Reggie Miller and you have the general idea. Later, he moved to Pittsburgh, where he would soon self-publish his first comics and learn how good french fries and coleslaw taste on a sandwich.

From 2005-2012, Mike drew award-winning political cartoons for The State News, Michigan State University’s student daily, and The Clarion Call, the weekly student newspaper at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Today, he lives and works as a cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer in Denton, TX. He still draws cartoons, but gets significantly less hate mail.

If you’d like to send Mike some hate mail, (or, if you prefer, love mail) you can reach him via email at mike at ramseycartoons dot me, or on Facebook and Twitter.